Long Lasting Temporary Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Fake Tattoo Sleeves are surely one of the most popular type of, Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos suitable for adults. These Slip On Tattoo Sleeves are unique and offer a very realistic look when worn that give the appearance of a real Tattoo Sleeve. Fake tattoo sleeves are so realistic in appearance that the entertainment industry have adapted them into there costume department, Fake Tattoo Sleeves are a great novelty item and are also becoming something of a fashion statement with many models and celebrities seen wearing these in public. Novelty Tattoo Sleeves are a fantastic item to purchase if you are thinking of getting a real Tattoo Sleeve, as there is a huge collection of different designs and themes for you to slip on and try out before commiting to the pain and cost of a Real Tattoo! 

Temporary Fake Tattoo Sleeves One Size Fits All

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves are made from breathable skin tight elastic material and will fit snugly on any size arm and shape. Fake Tattoo Sleeves are a great way to protect your arms against UV Light in the summer and will help keep your arm warm in the cool winter months.
These Tattoo Sleeves are suitable to machine wash in cold water. 


Tattoo Stockings For Women

Tattoo Stockings For Women are the new craze within the Temporary Tattoo Industry, they are similar to the Temporary Fake Tattoo Sleeves, but are worn by women only such as tights are worn and they are very very cool looking giving the wearer an instant tattoo on their leg. The benefit of Tattoo Stockings For Women is there is no need to suffer through the pain of having a tattoo on your leg and as with the Tattoo Sleeves, there is a massive selection of designs and themes for you to try and they are a great way to see what a real tattoo would look like on your leg.

Tattoo Stockings Are Very Realistic

The pictures highlighted here are true renditions of the actual product, to your friends family and strangers the Tattoo Stocking will be mistaken as the real deal and you will have fun in tricking people into believing that you actually got a Real Tattoo on your leg. You can choose to have your leg covered with a fancy sexy tattoo or go for the more suttel approach and just have a cute small tattoo on your ankle the choice is yours. Tattoo Stockings For Women make great Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos that are fun and comfortable to wear, they are machine washable and are very popular within the entertainment world. You Can View A Selection Of Different Tattoo Stocking Designs Through This Link

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